Becoming a Retailer/Distributor with Remy Hair Secrets:

Remy Hair Secrets is established itself as a reputable wholesaler and distributor of pure Indian Hair extensions.
We work with many salons and stylists and have come up with a distribution model that allows each salon to benefit from working and using Remy Hair Secrets.
We are offering salons and stylists a different range of opportunities that allows them to carry the products that they turnover the most frequently. We work with each salon individually so that they are able to generate a stream of income for themselves by using the products that their customers will likely use and buy.
RHS provides a simple and profitable opportunity for any salon throughout the world.
We at RHS receive calls from clients all over the world and we are able to direct the customers directly to the nearest salon where they will be able to purchase their desired product. We also provide sample kits as well as display units for the salons to display to their customers. Hair Extensions is a very profitable avenue for salons and stylists to participate in and we make it convenient, straightforward and easy.
Participating Stylists and Salons will receive many different advantages of working with Remy Hair Secrets. We also offer Training Classes for Salons. Please visit our Training Academy link.

To learn more about how to become a distributor or retailer of Remy Hair Secrets Products please call us at 1-888-872-2355 or send us an inquiry below.



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